Graduate and postgraduate studies

RSUH is an institution with

-scientific research in all spheres of liberal arts
-faculty that excels in teaching and research
-Ph.D./post-doctoral dissertation defense committees

All of the above create all necessary conditions for successful conducting and completion of graduate and postgraduate studies.

Graduate (with a Ph.D. (rus. Kandidat) diploma) and postgraduate (rus. Doktor diploma) studies at RSUH will require a financial investment (contract basis: tuition+fees) on the student's part.  The Univesity offers 12 postgraduate programs in 7 academic areas and 54 Ph.D. programs in 11 academic areas:

- technical sciences
- history
- economy
- law
- history of art
- philosophy
- literature/linguistics
- psychology
- sociology
- political science
- cultural studies

The University has 14 dissertation defense committees.
About 800 graduate and postgraduate students are currently enrolled.

Graduate and postgraduate students study basic prerequisite subjects: foreign languages (including Russian), history and philosophy of science.  Profession-specific courses include Theoretical Problems of Liberal Arts Knowledge: Interdisciplinary and Borderline Fields of Research and others.